Do you want to know how a professional-looking commercial building signage can help your company? With so many options and technological advancements, making your commercial building stand out with eye-catching signage is easier and more affordable than ever. There are more advantages than just having a place to advertise your company. This article discusses the benefits of commercial building signage for businesses.

What exactly is commercial building signage?

Commercial building signage acts as a silent salesperson for your company and is the most popular way to market your store or office. Because a commercial building sign is often visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it can promote and guarantee your message is clear and accurate to your company’s aims.

Commercial buildings can project a professional image while creating an inviting atmosphere with the proper signage. There is a science to this that investigates using the right colours for the right industry. Understanding colour psychology allows you to create effective commercial signage to increase your conversion rate with your key target market. Commercial building signs can be large or small, illuminated, handpainted directly onto the building, or created in a workshop and installed on the building.

Some examples of commercial building signage are provided below. Here are some examples of handpainted signs and designs:

  • External Commercial Painting
  • Painted Logos
  • Handpainted Signage
  • Building Branding
  • Internal Painting

Examples of commercial building signs and designs include:

  • Metal Signs
  • Factory Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Aluminium Signs
  • Shop Signs
  • Company Signs
  • Illuminated Signage
  • Window Signs
  • Large Building Signs
  • Cut Out Letters
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • 3D Illuminated Letters
  • Large Metal Letters
  • Lightboxes
  • Large LED TV Signs
  • Billboards
  • Pylon Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Street Signs

Advantages of Commercial Building Signage

Commercial building signage enables a company to advertise to reach more people throughout the day constantly. However, commercial building signage is more than that.

Here are eight reasons why a commercial building uses signage and how it benefits a business:

  • Attracts More Potential Customers – One of the main reasons patrons visit a business is that commercial signage has caught their attention. Many customers have entered a business because the company’s building signs enticed them.
  • Word of Mouth: High-quality outdoor signage, such as illuminated business signs, 3D illuminated letters, light boxes, and so on, can leave a lasting impression. People who see eye-catching outdoor signs will spread the word about the company.
  • Eye-Catching Advantages: According to marketing, some people will be enticed to make purchases based on seeing an eye-catching sign.
  • Functionality: Both indoor and outdoor commercial signage can be fully functional and serve various functions.
  • Building Brand Recognition: Signage can help build brand recognition. When the business brand’s colours, fonts, and design are used consistently across all signage, consumers can recognise the brand without even reading the text on the sign.
  • Developing Brand Personality: Commercial signage can assist you in creating a personality for your brand. Consistency in signage can help to portray the personality of your business or brand.
  • Marketing Tactics: Commercial building signage will play a significant role in most companies marketing strategies. Every business must engage in some form of advertising and marketing. Numerous mediums are available for this, but one that needs to be noticed due to its effectiveness is exterior and interior commercial signage. A company’s marketing strategies include getting the company known (brand recognition) and telling the public about the company (brand personality). Some marketing campaigns aim to provide information, while others include a call to action. Various types of commercial signage can be used for these marketing campaigns.
  • Cost-Effective:┬áCommercial building and interior signage can be far more cost-effective than other advertising and marketing mediums when used efficiently.

Different common types of advertising have the following drawbacks:

  • Print advertisements/flyers are quickly discarded.
  • TV/Technology/Internet – Can be disabled.

Neither of these issues applies to commercial signage. This type of signage is permanent but can be changed as needed. A good example is illuminated commercial building signs placed outside that can deliver their message 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What factors influence the cost of a sign?

Various factors will influence how much you pay for commercial building signage. These are some examples:

Your sign’s size: A more significant commercial building sign will cost you more than a smaller one of the same type.

  • The type of sign you select – There are numerous commercial building signs available, and your style will influence your cost. For example, a Pylon sign with a digital display will cost significantly more than a sign without a digital display.
  • The number of signs required – If you need multiple building signs to strengthen your brand image, you will have to pay more. For example, put up a storefront sign, interior sign, and banners.

The materials used for your signage: Higher quality materials are more expensive, but they are often well worth the investment. A well-made commercial business sign with higher-quality materials will look better and last longer than one with lower-quality materials.

The installation costs: Some commercial building signage is more challenging to install, takes longer and costs more. Installing a large Pylon sign, for example, will be more expensive than simply hanging a banner.

The design you select – More complex and detailed designs will be more expensive to produce. For example, a multi-coloured sign with graphics and intricate fonts will cost more than a simple black-and-white sign with no images.

The addition of lighting: Illuminating your commercial building signage will cost you more than not having illumination. However, if you need your signage to be visible at night, an option like having it backlit is well worth the investment.

What type of commercial building sign is best for you?

Talk to the commercial signage experts at Signhub if you need clarification on the type, size, and style of commercial building signage you should get. We can help you narrow your options and design a sign appropriate for your company and budget.

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