Outdoor signs are a fantastic method to promote your company, and their adaptability is their most vital feature. Consider getting an awning sign if you want something unique for your store. Alternatively, choose a more conventional design, like a neon sign. Here are the various outdoor business signs you can pick from, whether you’re beginning a new firm or attempting to give your existing one a facelift.

What types of Outdoor Business Signs are there?

  • Awning Symbols: These might work better for companies that don’t need to make a significant impact immediately, but they can still be effective if you’re attempting to get people’s attention in a place with many other signs. They function by projecting your logo above and outwards while being affixed to the side of your commercial building. Additionally, because the awning sign is designed to complement large window displays, they are excellent for businesses using them.
  • Window Signs: Window signs can be seen from the street and are ideal for individuals looking for something practical but straightforward to read. They also make it simple to determine what your business is all about. Since you want to avoid overwhelming visitors with information when they don’t know what your organization is about, they typically perform best with straightforward logos or graphics with fewer than 15 words because you want to avoid bombarding individuals with information when they know what your company does!
  • Direction markers: Directional signs are an excellent approach to assist current customers and draw in potential new ones with no specific destination. Both generic directional signs that are strictly informative and directional signs with a bit of personality are available for purchase, and both are effective ways to entice customers onto your property.
  • Commercial Signs: These are the most accessible outdoor signs for your company to employ because they use text to state who you are and where you are located. They’re fantastic for businesses with several branches because they allow for unified communication of the brand name, address, and phone number between various locations. Unless you have an exclusive product or offer, using business signs to advertise your suites has little impact.
  • Banners: The simplicity of installation and versatility of banners make them the best option for any business. They don’t significantly affect your energy cost, are simple to alter regularly and enable you to advertise sales for a “limited time only swiftly.” Banners are only ineffective at night; therefore, employing them during the day when people are out and about is preferable.
  • Neon Symbols: Neon signs make many kinds of businesses impressive-looking outdoor signs. Neon signage is attractive if you want something eye-catching that draws attention. Most importantly, people will be sufficiently impressed to come in and inquire about your business, even though they can be challenging to read from some angles and need to be more adaptable than other sorts of signage.
  • Pylon Symbols: Choose pylon signage to promote your services if your business is huge and has enough exterior area. They are excellent for getting the attention without too much effort and may even be utilized for various locations of one company. These signs are also suitable for temporary installations that will be taken down after your event if they are not used for multiple branches.
  • Ads on Billboards: Choose a billboard sign if you want a noticeable sign, and money is not an issue. There is nothing more impactful than a large advertisement filling your field of vision as you drive past if these signs are to draw attention from a distance. Billboards are the ideal choice if you want something that attracts attention, even though they are only sometimes the most effective form of communication with people.
  • Electronic Signs: Digital signs come in a wide range of types and sizes, but they all share the ability to modify and regularly adapt to convey your message. These signs are frequently more affordable to rent than most others, making them an excellent choice for people on a tight budget.
  • Pole Symbols: These signs are perfect for companies that wish to advertise without leasing a physical site. They frequently have bold colors and are simple to read, so they may enhance your other signage while standing out on their own. Pole signs are an excellent choice for companies looking to attract new clients without putting up a permanent sign, and they’re simple enough to utilize during events.


No matter what kind of sign you select, ensure its appearance and feel are consistent with your brand. Consider color palettes and backdrop images depending on how much room you have to work with! Remember that a sign is a simple approach to attracting new customers.

Whether you’re beginning a new firm or attempting to give your existing one a facelift. Call Sign Hub For more information about our signages, call us anytime you can, and we’ll answer all your questions.


Question: What are the names of outdoor signs?
Although some experts refer to them as exteriors, outdoor signage is frequently called exterior signs.

Question: What do the signs that hang over a business say?
Answer: Depending on where you are in the world, the signs shown above stores are referred to as awnings or marquee signs.

Question: What distinguishes inside signage from exterior signs?
Although they have many technical distinctions, they ultimately serve two different functions. Indoor signage must be legible up close, whereas outdoor signs must be discernible from a distance.