Illuminated Signs

Custom illuminated signage provides some of the most eye-catching and sophisticated options available in the industry. Static custom light-box signs to sophisticated electronic digital signage (EDS) systems, Sign Hub’s full-service sign center can offer you the most comprehensive selection of custom illuminated signage. One of the many ways to help make your business stand out is by providing a 3D illuminated sign in a store or building. This will help increase your visibility and will stimulate the eyes of your customers or other passersby. Creating illuminated signage for your business is very effective especially at night and during the winter season. The Illuminated signs are an advantage of displaying your key information or products, and it also increases the sophistication of your business appearance. Do you want a new illuminated sign for your business? Sign Hub can provide you with five main types. The five types are 3D CHANNEL LETTERS, LIGHTBOX, PYLON SIGNS, INTERIOR LIGHT PANEL, and ILLUMINATED SIGNS. The most popular style of all is the lightbox where translucent material is illuminated from the inside giving a glowing effect on lettering and branding. This can really help your business stand out against the crowd with stunning colors, especially that it is very cost-effective. With illuminated signs, it will be easier for vehicles to view the business from the road or at night. Illumination brings signage even further. With the advances in LED technologies, Sign Hub has devised a highly sustainable method of illuminating fabricated letters, glass, and other architectural signage safely and effectively. Most people assume that these types of signs are very expensive. Actually, it does not cost nearly as much as you might think. Although if you compare a basic sign to a good quality sign, a good illuminated sign would really cost more compared to the basic one, you are guaranteed to gain a better return on investment with the higher quality product and showcase your brand in the best way possible. Sign Hub produces durable good quality signs in which the materials will last longer, and we produce elegant and attractive signs. Contact us for a free quote on your next project, we are committed to making you look your best in front of your customers – call us today at 604-593-0567 or fill out the form on the right.